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ERC Community Room

  1. Is your organization open to the public?
  2. Please check the description which best describes your agency:
  3. Check day of the week facility is needed:
  4. Check the following items you would like to use:
  5. Hourly Rates
  6. General Rules
    NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES allowed in facility or on premises.
    NO SMOKING allowed in facility.
    NO tape, string, or writing of any sort on doors, chairs, or mirrors.
    Please leave room / kitchen as you found them.
    Emporia Recreation will not tolerate anything hanging from the ceiling.
    Emporia Recreation will provide staff during your event, and will be able to answer any questions you might have.
    Emporia Recreation will set up for your event according to the number of people and event or if a diagram is provided.
    Parties will be allowed 30 minutes before and after.
  7. I do hereby indemnify and hold the Emporia Recreation Commission harmless from any and all liability which might arise as a result of the use of a room or facility. I also agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations governing use of recreation facilities. A $75.00 damage deposit is required at the signing of the contract to ensure date and time of event. Emporia Recreation reserves the right to process the damage deposit if property is damaged or excessive clean up is required. Failure to make final payment by designated due date will result in loss of damage deposit and room reservation. Cancellations with less than two weeks prior notice will result in loss of full deposit. I also certify that all information contained within this application is accurate and correct.
  8. Damage Deposit
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