Emporia Recreation Rental Guide

Contact the Emporia Recreation Center during office hours (Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm ) at 620-340-6300 or email sdreasher@emporiarec.org for rental information.  For full facility rental, please click the tab below to fill out the online request form. For Jones Aquatic Center Rentals, call 620-340-6400 starting on opening day. For JAC rental info, click here. 

  1. After-Hours Full Facility Rental
  2. Community Room
  3. Conference Room
  4. ERC Indoor Pool Party
  5. Gymnasium
  6. Jones Aquatic Center Rentals

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After-Hours Facility Rental

  • Rental Fees with Indoor Pool: 
    • 3- hour facility rental/3-hour indoor pool rental: $365.00
    •  3-hour facility rental/2-hour indoor pool rental: $325.00
  • Rental Fees without Indoor Pool:
    • 3-hour facility rental/no indoor pool rental: $250.00
  • $100 Refundable Deposit required

Rental request forms (link below) must be completed and deposit received (4) weeks prior to rental date. ERC requires (10) days to confirm rental request. Signed contract and payment in full is due two weeks prior to rental. All cancellations within two weeks of your rental date will result in loss of all payments including deposit. Deposit will be returned in full after rental if no damages or no excessive cleaning is required. Rental is only available after-hours and will be based on facility and staff availability. ERC programs have first priority. All rental rules apply. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.

Full Facility Rental Request Form

Rental FAQs

Can I bring/serve alcoholic beverages at the ERC? 

Alcohol is NOT permitted at the Emporia Recreation Center. If found, the party will be shut down and law enforcement will be contacted.

Do I have to pay a deposit? 

Deposits are required as listed in the rental guide. If you make your rental payment on time, do not cancel within two weeks of rental date, have no damage and leave the rental space as clean as you found it, our refundable deposit will be returned in full.

Will staff be available? 

Staff will be on-site at the Emporia Recreation Center to answer questions but will not be available to help set-up or tear down.

How does scheduling work? 

Scheduling is based on first-come, first-served. Emporia Recreation Commission programming takes precedence over outside rentals. Reservations are not confirmed until the appropriate contract and payments have been processed.

Can I bring my own food? 

Outside food is allowed in the Community Room and birthday cake, cupcakes and juice boxes are allowed in the Viewing Room during rentals. No food or drink is allowed in the Gymnasium. Outside food is not permitted at the Jones Aquatic Center unless approved by Aquatics Supervisor. Private events require concession rental.

Can I have a sales party at the ERC? 

No soliciting groups (ex. any Multi-level Marketing sales, private sales, etc.)Fundraising groups are at the discretion of the Director.