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Dec 10

Christmas Cards!!

Posted on December 10, 2020 at 9:01 AM by Tiffany Miller

Hello Everyone,

Christmas is just around the corner and one of my favorite things to do is send Christmas cards. December 9th is National Christmas Card Day. Did you know that 1.3 billion cards are sent each year for Christmas. Each year around this time, friends and families begin mailing their holiday cards. Christmas Card Day on December 9th serves as a reminder to get your stamps, envelopes, and cards together so you can share your holiday cheer.


Sending a card during the holidays hasn’t always been a tradition. In Victorian England, sending Penny Post was inexpensive and frequent. It was also considered rude to ignore a written message. One particularly popular Victorian invented the holiday card out of necessity. Sir Henry Cole received frequent letters, and it left him little time for other responsibilities. In 1843, he asked his friend J.C. Horsley to illustrate a design he had in mind. Soon, Cole was off to the printer, and he mailed the first Christmas card in the Penny Post to friends, family, and many acquaintances. 

Today, we mail a variety of cards at Christmastime. The tradition of Christmas cards continues in a broader sense. Social and electronic media keep us connected in this modern world more than ever before. However, the Christmas card continues to be a part of our annual tradition, even if it takes on a different style or pattern.

There are lots of fun and unique was to make your Christmas cards. Here are a few of my favorite. 

Families all over the world take from traditional to not so traditional cards to send to love ones every year. This year is a great opportunity to take a fun picture with your family and send to love ones that you haven’t see all year. Take a vote and pick a fun way to dress up together to give your family a fun laugh this year. 

 Not only can you take fun picture, but you can get the kids involved and have them make cards to mail out. With lots of glitter and clue this is a great way to make a personal card for loved ones to make them smile. Especially if you can’t get together this year. 

Make cards for the hospital or nursing homes. There are lots of people out there that don’t get to see family for the holidays. This is a great way to warm some hearts and spread some holiday cheers. 

Give a card to your mailman, check out person and the grocery store or Walmart, the person that rings the bell or just a random person. There is nothing better than spreading Christmas cheer to a stranger. We never know what they are going through and giving a card telling them thank you for their hard work is a great way to make them smile and feel appreciated.

This year has been hard on all of us and theres no better way to send some love than to send it in a card. Take the time to get the whole family involved and send some holiday cheer. You never now what kinda love that person will feel just with a simple thinking of you and happy holidays. Whatever you do, have fun together as a family making traditions and spending time together. 


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