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Apr 08


Posted on April 8, 2020 at 9:55 AM by Tiffany Miller

Good Morning Everyone,

It really is a gorgeous morning. I am enjoying sitting outside with my coffee listening to the birds sing looking at all the beauty around me. Spring seems to bring new life everyday, and the colors are amazing. It's amazing how color can really brighten up your day. That's why today we are talking about chalk!!

One of my favorite things this time of year is watching the students from RecXtra draw with chalk. After being cooped up for several months during the winter, they come alive with being able to play outside and create amazing, colorful works of art by drawing chalk drawings all over the place. Even though the kids are home now, it doesn't mean that they still can't create amazing works of art for others to enjoy. 

All around the world kids are creating chalk art for people to enjoy during this pandemic. In Mesa Arizona residents cover the streets with chalk hearts to spread cheer during the outbreak. (Heres the link if you want to watch the video. Pretty amazing)
While people take walks, they are pleasantly surprised with notes of encouragement. Some students are even drawing on their grandparents sidewalks to show love and brighten up their day. Now its time for us to get involved. I am encouraging you to create so works of art on your sidewalks to encourage those around you. Don't have chalk? No worries I have a easy recipe here for you to make your own chalk at home with ingredients that you probably already have.

  1.  This simple chalk recipe calls for two main ingredients: cornstarch and water, in equal parts. 
  2. Prepare the molds. You can use toilet paper rolls by covering one end with tape and then lining it with wax paper on the inside if you don't have molds. Muffin tins work too. 
  3. Mix the cornstarch and water. 
  4. Add food coloring. 
  5. Pour the chalk mixtures into molds. 
  6. Let the chalk dry over night.
  7. Now start creating works of art!!
This is a fun way to get involved with your kids and spread a little joy to those around you. Leave notes of encouragement or when you go on walks have the kids stop and make some art for others. If you have chalk at home or decided to make your own, get outside and be creative!! It will not only lifts your spirits, but others around you as well. If you see some great works of art make sure you tag us on Facebook.
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