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Mar 30


Posted on March 30, 2020 at 9:44 AM by Tiffany Miller

Good Morning,

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weekend that we had. With the weather being nicer its easy to want to be outside more. Here is a fun activity that gets you outside and encourages your imagination. 

FUN FACTS!!!! What happens to bubbles in space? In the vacuum of space, a bubble wouldn’t be able to form due to the lack of exterior air pressure to counteract the pressure from within. Did you know you can freeze bubbles?!? Technically, a bubble will freeze below 32 degrees Fahrenheit like all water

Popped Bubble Art

  • Bubble Mix/or Dawn soap and water

  • Bubble Wands/or get creative.

  • Food Coloring

  • Paper


  1. Pour 1 tablespoon of bubble mix into a small, shallow bowl.

  2. Add a few drops of food coloring to the bubble mix and stir well

  3. Place your bubble wand in the colored bubble mix, remove and blow bubbles towards

    your paper.

  4. As the bubbles hit the paper and pop, they will leave interesting patterns. Repeat with

    other colors

Popped Bubble Art


Bubble Pop Freeze Dance

Every kid loves to play freeze dance, and every kid loves popping bubbles. This game combines the love of both for an awesome good time. To begin, have everyone gather in a central space. Now play some party music and have them dance. Have a few adults blow bubbles into the dance space, and ask kids to pop as many bubbles as they can. 

When the music stops, kids must stop dancing, stop popping bubbles, and freeze in place. This becomes especially challenging for little ones who would rather keep popping bubbles than freeze. Anyone who fails to freeze, however, is out of the game before the next round begins. But players who are “out” don’t have to be sad, because they get to help blow the bubbles. Keep playing until only one player remains in the dance space. Have fun! 

Make sure you tag us on The Emporia Rec Facebook Page with your amazing bubble art. Have a fun and fantastic day!!

Program Supervisor


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