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Day Trips

  1. Powell Gardens
  2. Church Basement Ladies
  3. Disney on Ice
  4. Nate King Cole

January 3, 2020

 Festival of Lights - 

Don’t want the holidays to end? Then come join us as we take one last trip to see holiday lights at the Powell Garden Festival in Kansas City. The Powell Gardens Festival of Lights offers a unique holiday experience that includes a artfully botanically-themes lighting display that begins at the garden entrance and stretch along a mile-long walking path through six of the seven themed gardens. We will first stop and eat at the Lone Jack Family Cafe first, where you will be responsible for your meal. So make sure you bundle up as we enjoy one last evening of holiday magic together.

Registration opens: November 15                  Registration closes December 27

Date: Friday January 3, 2020 

Age: Any (kids with parents)

Time: 2:30pm— 9:30pm

Location: ERC bus to Kansas City

Fee: $25

Min/Max -10/24