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Race Events 2020

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The Super Series has always been about staying active for life and helping your community.  Over the next few months, we will host several virtual 5Ks to keep you active and healthy.  Each race will be paired with a community partner and the only entry fee will be donations you give at the start/finish line area.

Here is how the ERC Super Series Virtual 5Ks will work:

  • ERC will post the route on our website on Monday of race week with the address of the start/finish line.
  • Each race week will benefit a community partner so bring your contribution to the donation box at the start of the race route.
  • You will have one week to walk, jog or run the route.
  • Once you have finished the route, take a screen shot of your fitness app with the race distance/route.
  • Post your screen shot to Facebook or Twitter with #ERCSuperSeries.  We'd love for you to tag Emporia Recreation Center too! 
      Race Week
     Community Partner
        Donation Suggestions
Race Route (will post Monday of race week)
August 24th
Logan Elementary
Hygiene products, detergent
Logan Ave Virtual 5K Map
September 7th
Riverside Elementary
Unopened socks, hygiene products
Riverside Virtual 5K Map
September 21st
CrossWinds Counseling
Glue sticks, antibacterial hand soap, beads, stickers,
snack size ziploc bags, Popsicle sticks, Kleenex, band-aids
Crosswinds Virtual 5K Map
Donation box is by the front door of Crosswinds
October 5th
Walnut Elementary
Laundry detergent, Hygiene products
Walnut Virtual 5K Map
October 19th
Village Elementary
Unopened socks, hygiene products
Village Virtual 5K Map
November 2nd
Presbyterian West Campus Blessing Box
Non-perishable food items

November 16th
WAW Elementary
Hygiene products, detergent

November 30th
Timmerman Elementary
Unopened socks, hygiene products

No Place LIke Home Virtual Series

This social distancing has us craving some participation. We're sure you're going as stir crazy as we are. We have a NEED to feel connected even if we can't do so in person. That's why Gravel City Adventure & Supply Co. has created this virtual run and ride opportunity. We also know that people are hurting from the fall out of this bug. That's why all proceeds after costs are covered will be donated to the Greater Emporia Area Disaster Relief Fund

You will have the opportunities each month to achieve a unique challenge by way of running and/or riding!  The beauty is that virtual events allow you to participate when and where the time is right for you.

September - The Equinox Challenge! In the month where day and night are equal, challenge yourself to complete an AM and PM activity on the same day (bonus points if both activities are for the same amount of time). To share your results, take a picture/screenshot of your activity details, and share them on Facebook/Twitter with the hashtags #ERCSuperSeries and #NoPlaceLikeHome.

October - It was a dark and stormy night... actually avoid the storms, but grab your light and reflective gear for a 10k (6.2 mile) run/walk or 10 mile ride at night. To share your results, take a picture/screenshot of your activity details, and share them on Facebook/Twitter with the hashtags #ERCSuperSeries and #NoPlaceLikeHome.

November - This month, the challenge is to complete an activity every day of the month. That's 30 consecutive days of running/walking or biking. (Remember, it can be hard on your body to exercise every day if you're not used to it, so it's ok to go slow/short on a some of these, as long as you get out and do something!) To share your results, take a picture/screenshot of your activity details, and share them on Facebook/Twitter with the hashtags #ERCSuperSeries and #NoPlaceLikeHome.

December - The Up, Up, and Away Challenge! To get ready for take-off, runners/walkers and bikers to achieve as much elevation gain as possible in a single activity. If you need help tracking your elevation gain, Strava is a free app that can record your activity data, including elevation (there are other apps that will work too). To share your results, take a picture/screenshot of your elevation gain details, and share them on Facebook/Twitter with the hashtags #ERCSuperSeries and #NoPlaceLikeHome.

$15 per event (each month). 

We all know swag is important!  Here is what you can expect:

  • Entry in one event: No Place Like Home Virtual Series sticker
  • Entry in three events: one-of-a-kind notebook, stamped with the NPLH logo
  • Entry in five events: Emporia Strong t-shirt

The Emporia Recreation Center is powering the 2020 Emporia Super Series of Races! Back by popular demand! All you need to do is compete in and finish 10 of our sponsored races to receive your finisher’s medal and t-shirt! We have partnered with over 25 local race directors to help promote and coordinate a race calendar of events held in Emporia during 2020.  We have 5Ks, 10Ks, biking events and triathlons, choose any 10.  What a great goal to start the new year!  It’s time to challenge yourself to do more in 2020! Age or ability doesn’t matter- this would be a terrific family challenge.  The Super Series promotes a healthier you and a healthier Emporia! The only fee is the cost of each event. Prizes will be awarded in January 2021. Mark your calendars now to help support these events! For more information, call 620-340-6300.

Our Awards Sponsor: Emporia Community Foundation

Powered by: Emporia Recreation Commission

Super Series Director: Amanda Gutierrez- ERC -

Here is the current 2020 Super Series Race calendar and we will update it regularly so please check back from time to time for updates to the race calendar.

  1. Mon Oct. 19 - Sun Oct. 25

  2. Sat Oct. 31

  3. Sat Nov. 7

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