Facility & Park Locations

Emporia Recreation Center Field Guide

Trusler Sports Complex- Cannon, Turnbull, Thomas & Glennen Fields- 701 E. 18th Ave.
Hornet and Lady Hornet Fields- Burlingame Road to 24th Ave.
Southwest Santa Fe Park- Kiwanis East and West Fields- South Ave. and West St.
Soden’s Grove Baseball Field- S. Commercial and Soden’s Road
Whittier (Sertoma) Park- Whittier fields 2 & 3- 8th Ave. and Whittier St.
Kiwanis T-Ball Complex- 9th Ave. and Mary St.
Peter Pan Park- Flinthills Optimist Fields 1 & 2- South Congress St.
Jones Aquatic Center- 4202 W. 18th Avenue                                                          ERC/TRYSA Soccer Complex- 4201 W. 18th Avenue                                          Emporia High School Football Field- 3302 W. 18th Avenue

City of Emporia Park Guide
**for reservations, call Lori at 620-341-4365

All Veteran’s Memorial
Eastside Memorial Park **
C of E Park
Dryer Park
Buck Fund Dog Park
Fremont Park
Hammond Park **
Jones Youth Recreation Park **
Lakeview Park
Las Casitas Park **
Northwest Park
Peter Pan Park **
Quaker Park
Soden’s Grove Park **
Southwest Santa Fe Park
Urbanside Park
Walnut Park
White Memorial Park
Whittier Park
Woodland Park

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