Cabin Fever
Need some place for the kiddos to run and play?  Want to have a little chit chat time with other adults?  Bring your kiddos to a special time set aside just for them in our Gymnasium!  Children 5 and under can come run, jump, and play with toys in our gymnasium Monday – Friday during Cabin Fever.  Day cares are more than welcome to bring their gang to play too!

Monday – Friday  9:00-11:00am (Non School Days and Summer Break 8:00am-10:00am)
$1.00/adult     FREE/children   $20.00 Punchcard (22 punches)

Kids Couch to 5K        We will be starting our next session of the 9 week Couch to 5K program in the elementary after-school programs.  Kids will get the opportunity to participate in this 45 minute running program after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays.  They will finish with our Birthday Bash 5K on May 3rd.    Fee: None

Start Date: March 2, 2015         Finish Date: May 3, 2015                                                               Ages: 1st – 5th grade                                                                                                      Registration Deadline:  March 2, 2015           

Up, Down and Around
Obstacle course fun for kids! Help children develop gross motor skills and have fun at the same time. Hop scotch, balance beams, limbo, tunnels, stairs, and parachute play  are all fun activities that get our kids up and moving while have a great time. This activity is great for multi-age groups but is designed for children ages 18 months to 5 years
Date: April 24
Time: 9:45-10:30 am
Fee: Free
Location: ERC Gymnasium

Mother’s Day Magic     SHHH!!!!  Mother’s Day is right around the corner and it’s time to make mom a special present just for her.  Come make some creative projects that every mother or grandmother would love to receive.  Bring a friend or dad to help you design your own special Mother’s Day gift.                                                                                            Ages: 3-7 years old                                                                                                                      Date: Saturday, May 9              Time: 10:00-11:00 am                                                            Fee: $15                                       Minimum: 5                                                              Registration Deadline: Friday, May 1                                                                        Location: ERC Community Room

Archery     If you are ten to twelve years old and would like to try a new sport, Archery might be the target for you :)  Steve Pletcher, Elementary Physical Education teacher at Riverside Elementary School, a certified NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) Instructor will be offering eight, one hour sessions in June.  NASP is a program taught all across the United States with standardized cues, fundamentals, and progressions.  Within three to five sessions, most students are starting to feel comfortable with the basics.  This program also provides opportunities for Elementary, Middle, and High School students to shoot (compete) in tournaments across the state. NASP Archery has been proven to be the safest sport in America, and helps students continue to learn patience, focus, reflection, and discipline.                                                                                                                                Ages: 10-12 years                 Date: Tue/Thurs in June and July                                          Time 6:30 to 7:30 pm                                                                                                        Location: Riverside Elementary School                                                                                  Fee: $40/month                  Registration Deadline: Friday, May 22                        Min/Max: 6/8

Growing Green     Let’s learn how to grow things for fun and food! In this class you will play in the dirt while you learn about flowers and vegetables. Everyone can garden, even in the smallest spaces, and kids make the best gardeners! We will be planting flowers at the Lee Beran Recreation Center, and kids will  also receive a free 4-pack of flowers or vegetables to start gardening at home.                                                                                      Date: Tuesday, May 5             Time: 6:00pm                                                                  Location: ERC Conference Room                                                                                              Fee: $12           Ages: 5-9 years                                                                                          Deadline: Thursday, April 30             Minimum: 4

Tae Kwon Do:       Become Kukiwon-certified and learn traditional Tae Kwon Do from master instructor Don Chounard. Master Don is certified at the “Kukiwon” World TaeKwonDo Federation Seoul, Korea. Our beginner class consists of White, Orange, and Yellow belts. Students will learn various striking techniques with hands and feet, Forms, Korean terminology, and self defense. Tae Kwon Do aims to achieve courtesy, integrity, self control, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. Sign up at the beginning of each month. This is an ongoing program.   Mondays and Wednesdays                                           Time: 4:30-5:30pm (kids and beginners)   5;30-6:30pm (older kids and adults)          Fee: $40/month first family member, $25/month each additional                                Ages: 6-14 years old                  Location: ERC Community Room