Keepin’ the Pace

Keepin’ the Pace Challenge

This is a challenge to help you stay motivated to get fit! Win prizes for reaching goals by keeping track of your cardiovascular and aquatic workout minutes and earn ERC discounts and cool prizes. The harder you work, the better the prizes! We want you to succeed at your goal so your minutes in the water and on land will be combined. Join the fun and get fit at the same time!

Sign up at the Fitness desk or at the Pool desk

Keep track of your minutes on your log sheet
Minutes restart after one month of inactivity
Only time completed at ERC counts toward prizes
No limit on minutes/day
When you see a sticker on your log sheet, you have won a prize!

Walking track, cardio machines, and all classes offered by ERC count towards your minutes!

Prizes (key chain for signing up)
1000 (17 hours) 2 prizes (pen, lip balm, etc)
2000 (33 hours) ERC Koozie or chip clip
4000 (67 hours) ERC green flip-top water bottle
6000 (100 hours) 15% discount off any ERC membership or aqua punch card
8000 (133 hours) ERC drawstring bag
10000 ( 167 hours) ERC blue aluminum water bottle
12000 (200 hours) Resistance exercise tube or aqua gloves
15000 (250 hours) ERC large green tote bag
20000 (333 hours) ERC 2-color logo T-shirt