Water Fitness

ERC Class Pass   These are available for any of our fitness classes both water and land. All passes are 22 classes for $60 and expire one year from date of purchase.  You don’t have to worry about anything but checking in with the control worker located at the desk by the pool.  To save even more money, all classes are included in our Fitness Memberships!

Intensity Levels:      (All classes are 45 minutes)                                                                          Level 1:  This activity requires little walking or cardiovascular endurance.  Great for beginners or those with limited ability due to illness, surgery, etc.  (Arthritis classes, Joints in Motion, Silver Dolphins)

Level 2:  This activity requires moderate walking or cardiovascular endurance.  Great for those who have participated in Level 1 activities and are ready to increase the intensity or those starting out on their fitness journey who may not have physical limitations.  (Joints in Motion, Silver Dolphins, Aqua Fit )

Level 3:  This activity requires a lot of walking or cardiovascular endurance.  Ideal for those who are looking to be challenged through a workout program. (Aqua Fit, Multi-Use, Aqua Beat)

Joints in Motion: Mon/Wed/Fri 8:00am-9:00am       This 45-minute class combines those stretching and flexibility exercises from our Arthritis program and combines them with some of our light to moderate cardiovascular exercises.  This class is ideal for those who have participated in the Arthritis program but are looking to perform more cardio exercises in their routine and those recovering from injury or illness looking to participate in a physical fitness program.  Daily Drop-in: $3.00      Level 1-2   Instructor: Rotates   View a class!                                                                           

Aqua Beat: NEW!!!    Tues/Thurs 5:30-6:30pm Get your body moving.  This 45 minute, high energy, low impact class will burn the calories and tone the muscles by utilizing fast-paced movements with water resistance.  Upbeat music and fun dance moves will make this one of the most enjoyable workouts. Swimming skills are not necessary as the workout takes place in the shallow water.    Daily Drop-in:  $3.00    Level 2-3

Aqua Fit:  Mon/Wed  5:30-6:30pm and Tues/Thurs 9:00-10:00am     This 45 minute class is designed for a variety of levels.  Use the water to increase or decrease the intensity of your workout.  Our instructors will take you through a variety of formats to challenge your body at your own pace.  Seasoned athletes can benefit from these classes as well as those wishing to add variety to their current routine.  Some formats we use include:  deep cardio conditioning, Tabata, circuit training, resistance training and intervals.  Not comfortable in deep water?  No problem, the instructors can show modifications for those wishing to stay in the shallow area.  We use equipment to help add support and resistance to the class as well.              Daily Drop-in: $3.00    Level 2-3         Instructor: Rotates

Arthritis Aquatic Program  Mon/Wed/Fri 9am or 1pm                                                 A 45-minute exercise class designed for people with arthritis or other movement inhibiting conditions.  This is an instructor led class that concentrates on improving and maintaining joint movement and flexibility, as well as light cardiovascular conditioning.  Participants should be self-sufficient in the water and able to exercise without assistance from the instructor.     Instructor: Denise Hodges        Daily Drop-in: $3.00                     Level 1    Click here to take a look!

Silver Dolphins:   Monday-Friday 10:00am-11:00am                                                   Join us for social time in the pool which includes a light 45 minute workout for active older adults!  We incorporate low impact cardiovascular and resistance exercises into this program. If you like meeting new people, conversation, and exercise, this is the class for you!!  This class is beneficial for those recovering from injury or suffering from chronic pain or disabilities. Conditioning tools are used for strengthening and toning.   Instructor: Denise Hodges      Daily Drop-in:  $3.00     Take a look!    Level 1-2

Lap Swimming    Monday-Saturday 11:00am-1:00pm and Monday-Friday 4:30-5:30pm. Looking for an aerobic workout that will target your core, arms, legs, glutes and back while increasing your flexibility and strength? Lap swimming is for you! And bonus…it’s low impact and you won’t even notice when you sweat! It’s easy to start with 5-10 minutes and then gradually increase your duration and speed to add intensity. Lap Swimming Etiquette:                                                                                                            Empty lanes are first come first serve                                                                                        Circle swimming is expected if lanes are full                                                                            There is no shame in the slow lane                                                                                              Treat others as you would want to be treated                                                                          Water running, aerobics, etc may take place in one lane

Multi-Use Hour: Friday 5:30-6:30pm    This hour is for you! We have created this time for you to workout at your own pace. This is a great time to get in your deep water run, personal workout, swim, or relax. The diving board will not be open during this time. Private swim lessons may also be scheduled during this time.     Daily Drop-in: $1.50    Level 1,2,3

Open Swim     (see Aquatic Schedule below)

Private Parties Indoor                                                                                                    Saturday 1:00 – 2:00 pm                   Saturday and Sunday 5:00 – 6:00 pm

For more information, please call the recreation center @ 620-340-6300.

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