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2017 SBBL Tournament Schedule – 4th Grade Boys

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3rd – 6th grade Youth Basketball    This program prepares children from 3rd to 6th grade for organized basketball. We participate in the Scott Brown Traveling Basketball League with surrounding communities. This program will reinforce both offensive and defensive skills including dribbling, passing, shooting, and defensive fundamentals. The main emphasis of the program is to ensure skill development in all age levels in a fun learning environment. There will be a 2-week Skills Clinic prior to assigning teams, focusing on basketball fundamentals. The league will play a traveling schedule on Saturdays.

  Pre-League Skills Clinic: Week of November 28                                                               Teams Decided: Week of December 5                                                                                    Practices Begin: Week of December 12                                                                                     Games Begin:  Saturdays in January                                                                                                Fees: $30/USD #253 Resident $35/ Non-Resident                                                        Grade: 3rd & 4th – Saturday mornings                                                                                         5th & 6th – Saturday Mornings                                                                                                    Player Deadline: Friday, December 2                                                                              Location: ERC gym/out of town

 Kindergarten, 1st/2nd Basketball    This program will teach basic skills, good sportsmanship, and the ability to perform as a member of a team. This program will reinforce dribbling, passing, shooting, and offensive and defensive skills. The main emphasis of this program is an ongoing effort to continue skill development in all levels of this program in a FUN, LEARNING environment. The leagues will be coed and will offer a mix of practices and games. There will be practices and games on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and/or Saturdays. Kindergarteners will be in a separate league from 1st/2nd graders.

Grade:  Kindergarten, 1st/2nd graders                                                                                      Fee: $30/USD253 Residents       $35/ Non-Residents                                                  Deadline:  Friday, January 3                Starting Date:  Week of January 9                      Minimum: 30/league                                                                                                    Location: Riverside Elementary Gymnasium/ERC Gymnasium

K-1-2 Basketball rules revised 2015

Micro Basketball   teaches children, ages 3-5, basic motor skills necessary to play organized basketball while they work one-on-one and spend quality time with their parents.  The program focuses on teaching children and their parents basic sports mechanics without the threat of competition or the fear of getting hurt.  Sessions are held once a week for six weeks.  Each week the exercises become increasingly more difficult as the class progresses and the children show improvement.  A parent or significant adult must attend the class and participate with the child.  Classes will be held on Wednesdays. Each child will receive a free mini basketball for participating in the program.

Age: 3 – 5 year olds                                                                                                                   Fee: $25/USD253 Residents  and $30 / Non-Residents                                            Deadline: Tuesday, January 3                                                                                                   Starting Date:  Wednesday, January 4                                                                        Length: 5 weeks                    Min/Max: 5/15 -parent/child per session                                  Location: ERC Gymnasium         Session A  5:45-6:15 pm       Session B  6:30-7:00 pm         

Youth Fee Waiver Scholarship Policy                                                                             The Emporia Recreation Center will follow the  guidelines used by USD253 to determine the qualifications for free or reduced price meals. Those who reside in the USD253 school district and are enrolled in Kindergarten through Tenth grade, may apply for a fee waiver by contacting the Emporia Recreation Main Office.  Those eligible for free lunches will have a $5.00 co-pay per activity, those with reduced lunches will pay half of the cost of the activity.  All fee waiver participants are limited to six activities per year (August through July). Your 2012/2013 Food Service Eligibility letter must be shown at time of registration.

Tournament Challenge                                                                                                              March Madness is here and another NCAA Champion will be crowned.  Do you have the skill and knowledge to pick the winner?  Stop by the Emporia Recreation Commission and pick up an official NCAA Tournament Bracket. Fill it out and return it by 3/19/15. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finalists.  The only thing it might cost you is your pride.  Only one tournament bracket per person.  Points will be updated every Monday.  A final score for the championship game will be used as a tie breaker.
Fee:  Free
Age:  5th Grade and above
Bracket Available: March 2017 in front office or Control desk
Bracket Returned: